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Apex Organizations in Kolkata

Updated on: Feb 7, 2013

In the sector of higher education  and graduate or post graduate level studies, Kolkata has already developed a special identity of its own. All the apex educational organizations in Kolkata are of national as well as international repute. These organizations not only offer the students every sort of modern infrastructure for studies but also all other related necessary faculties are available to optimum level. All these highest level organizations in Kolkata play quite a crucial role in the progress of educational standard of the state from administrative perspective. These apex orgnizations in Kolkata are as follows

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Apex Bodies in India

Here we have made a sincere attempt to provide you with best information available on all the apex organizations in Kolkata:

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education: The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is mainly responsible for proper administering of the 10th standard or secondary level examination in the state. This is actually an autonomous examining authority, administered by the government of the State of West Bengal. This 10th standard examination in West Bengal is known as the Madhyamik Examination and is organized every year throughout the state of West Bengal as well as in all those places, outside West Bengal, where schools with affiliation of this board, exist. The West Bengal Board of secondary examination takes care of harmonized examination procedure for almost 750,000 students, the number increasing rapidly every year.

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education:
Popularly known as the Uchya Madhyamik Examination, the state level 12th standard education of West Bengal is administered by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Like that of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, this is also an autonomous body. Main center of this council is located at the Salt Lake City in Kolkata and strives for more than 600,000 students every year, to organize the whole examination procedure in a better way.

Indian Science Congress Association: The Indian Science Congress Association is one of the pioneer organizations in Kolkata, as well as in all over India, for proper promotion of science and scientific awareness. Popularly known as the ISCA, this apex organization in Kolkata was founded with proper initiative of two English scientists, Professor J. L. Simonsen and Professor P.S. MacMahon. This organization is running on foundation of certain noble motives, such as a) promotion and advancement of the cause of science in India, b) publish various types of scientific journals, transactions and proceedings in all over the nation, c) popularize science and its positive aspects among the Indian citizens and d) organize, every year, an annual congress on science, so that proper understanding about scientific advancement in India can be understood.

West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT): Located at the suburban satellite township of Salt Lake City in Kolkata, the West Bengal University of Technology, popularly known as WBUT is responsible for proper administering of the technological as well as applied science institutions in the State of West Bengal. Running on the motto: “In Pursuit of Knowledge and Excellence”, primary aim of the governing body is to provide proper education to the interested students in the multidisciplinary sections of management, science and technology. Proper management of the resources available in West Bengal regarding study in technology, management and applied science is also one of the major missions of the West Bengal University of technology.

The apex organizations in Kolkata are not only contributing to the complete educational scenario of the State of West Bengal but also opening up various new dimensions the arena of higher studies in India.

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