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Indian Statistical Institute - ISI

Updated on: Feb 7, 2013

Great visionaries make a huge difference in the educational profile of a region. And this what Professor P.C. Mahalanobis did when he founded the Indian Statistical Institute in the year 1931 in a small room of the Presidency College, Kolkata.

The Indian Statistical Institute is an educational organization of immense importance both for the city as well as the nation. With two more centers in Delhi and Bangalore for academics, the other offices are at various major cities of India (Contacts) the institute focuses on research and application of statistics along with imparting education in the same fields. Apart form the above collection of information and value addition in the field of statistical research is also one of the objectives of the organizations.

The story of the Indian Statistical Institute began in the Presidency College, in the year 1931, with only one person acting as the be all and end all. Today there are more than 250 members working in the institution. It is one of the important research institutions of the country.

The Institute offers degree programs, diplomas, certificate courses, associateship and fellowship programs in various subjects including statistics, mathematics, library and information science, computer science, documentation and other subjects which deal with statistics.

There are ten departments or faculties in the Indian Statistical Institute, which are responsible for academic and research activities of the institute. There is also a separate Placement division, which takes the responsibility of ensuring a secure future for the students. Some of the most recent recruiters at the ISI include big names in the corporate industry.


The Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata is the headquarters of the institution which has centers of education in other cities of India like Delhi and Bangalore. The institute promises to provide the best in statistical education to the students with the help of its team of highly qualified professionals.

The faculties at Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata work in tandem to fulfill the objectives of the institution which are as follows:
  • To promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of statistics and application of the newly developed theories for national development
  • To undertake research in natural and social science using statistics with an aim of developing both these fields
  • To provide for and undertake the collection of information, investigation, projects and operational research for planning and the improvement of efficiency of management and production.
If your aim is to receive education in statistics from the best in the profession then the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata is the best option for you. For information on the various programmes in Indian Statistical Institute click here.

With the motto of “Unity in Diversity”, the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata focuses on a variety of fields in statistical study and research. The various departments in Indian Statistical Institute are as follows:
  • Applied Statistics Division
  • Biological Sciences Division
  • Center for Soft Computing Research
  • Computer and Communication Sciences Division
  • Library, Documentation and Information Sciences Division
  • Physics and Earth Sciences Division
  • Social Sciences Division
  • Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research Division
  • Teaching and Training Division
  • Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division
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