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West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE), Kolkata

Updated on: Feb 11, 2013

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education plays one of the most important roles in administering and harmonizing the complete educational backdrop of the State of West Bengal. This board actually looks after proper organization of the 10th standard Board level examination of the sate. The special feature of the Board is that this is a West Bengal government administered authority for proper administration of 10th standard examination.

This 10th standard examination is popularly known as the Madhymik examination and this examination gets a special priority among the examinees as well as their parents because it is considered as the primary foundation stone for establishing a dream career. So, importance of this examination can easily be understood and if this huge process cannot be managed properly then new talents will not be identified properly.

A simple data will prove the importance of this examination. Every year almost 750,000 student participate in this examination and not only in West Bengal, in those entire places wherever schools affiliated to the board exist, this examination is conducted by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Not only that, functions of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education also include giving affiliation to those schools which are having required infrastructure to be elevated as a secondary level school and at the same time, supervising various kind of requirements for running it and if the school authority needs any kind of help, then also this Board is always ready to provide it with that.

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