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Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata

Updated on: Feb 7, 2013
National Medical College or Calcutta  national Medical College is one of the leading institutions for study and research on various fields of medicine. During the time of its foundation this renowned medical institution was known as the National Medical Institution or "Jatiya Ayurbigyan Vidyalaya". Established in the year 1921, this medical college was actually a product of the non cooperation movement.

History of National Medical College

In the year 1921, on the 1st Baisakh the then National Medical College was set into motion. With only Rs.1,500/- donation from the "Tilak Swaraj Fund" this institution started at the Forbes Mansion in Wellington Square. After some time this medical college was shifted to Maniktala Main Road and at that moment all those students who were in the first batch and were also followers of the non cooperative movement, completed their 5 year course from the Maniktala Main Road building. But, requirement for a separate campus for better study and better infrastructure was becoming more and more conspicuous. At this stage with the initiative of great academician and patriot Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, the first mayor of Calcutta, this college was granted with four acre land. After his demise, commemorating great contribution of Deshbandhu, foundation stone of a hundred bed hospital was laid and was named as the “Chittaranjan Hospital”.
Later on, management committee of both Calcutta Medical School and National Medical College agreed to a particular point that for the development of overall scenario of medical study and research in Calcutta, they have to amalgamate into one college. This amalgamated body, is currently known as the Calcutta National Medical College. Finally, in the year 1967, this institution was nationalized through a special bill and attained status of one of the four nationalized medical colleges in Calcutta.

Departments in National Medical College

The National Medical College has earned a great deal of national level reputation due to its remarkable contribution in the field of study and research over various fields of medical science. Here follows the list of departments, which constitute the National Medical College:
  • Biochemistry
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Anatomy
  • Cardiology
  • Community Medicine
  • ENT
  • Eye
  • Dental
  • Forensic & State Medicine
  • Gynaecology
  • Medicine
  • Micro Biology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Physiology
  • Pharmachology
  • Pathology
  • Paediatrics
  • Surgery
Courses in National Medical College

The undergraduate MBBS program offered by this college is of quite importance among the students. The entire program consists of four semesters. Each of first, third and fourth semesters are of one year duration and only the second semester is of one and half years duration. Each year 155 students take admission for the MBBS course.

Admission Procedure in National Medical College

Aspirants for the MBBS program offered by this college are required to seat for the Joint Entrance Examination after completion of their 10+2 level examination. Those who will qualify in the Joint Entrance Examination will get admission to the National Medical College as per counseling.

Facilities in National Medical College
  • Accommodation: There are total seven hostels for the purpose of providing proper accommodation to the students. There is one girls’ hostel and six boys’ hostels. The girls’ hostel is popularly known as the Ladys’ hostel and provides all sorts of facilities which are required to give proper ambiance to study for girls.
      On other hand among the six hostels for male students three of them (Main Hostel, Lynton Hostel and Deshbandhu Hostel) are administered by government and other three (Dr. Sundarimohan Hostel, Khudiram Hostel, Dikhusha Hostel) are administered by private organizations. Except the girls’ hostel, all the six boys’ hostels are situated outside the college compound. Though these hostels are out of the college campus but they are within a close proximity to its premises.
  • National Medical College Library: The National Medical College Library is one of the best medical college libraries in Kolkata. Apart from providing only reading facilities, this library also has adequate home issuing of book facilities for the students. The National Medical College library contains a total collection of almost 17000 books and 42 journals.
  • Computer Center: Run by the Alumni Association of this medical college, the computer center of National Medical College helps the students to be more computer savvy. This computer center also provides Internet surfing facility only to those students who have a membership.
This college has given birth to some of the great scholars in the field of medicine. If you go through the list of alumni, you will find that not only form the research field, but also from the professional level this college has produced some great figures. Here follows name of some notable figures:
  • Dr R.P Sengupta- renowned neuro surgeon
  • Dr. Bimal Ghosh- famous gastroenterologist
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