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Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB), Kolkata

Updated on: Feb 7, 2013
The Indian Institute of Chemical Biology is one of the most leading research institutes in Kolkata in the arena of biological sciences in the State of West Bengal as well as throughout the nation. The main ambition of this institution is to vigorous research in various fields of biological science. This institution aspires to find solutions to various problems in terms of medicine and biology and in order to solve the problems, proper application in the field of biotechnology and biomedicine is the main goal. This research institution also aims to use its R&D resources and expertise to research properly in the arena of modern biology and development.

The most important role that this institution plays in the field of biological studies, is to reach a particular position where proper balancing between long term scholarly research and short term research for enhancing commercial potential can be reached.

Facilities in Indian Institute of Chemical Biology

The Indian Institute of Chemical Biology is replete with various types of modern facilities which are signs of strong R&D facility offered by this institution to the students and research scholars. Here follows list of the wide array of facilities:
  • Refrigerated centrifuges and freeze driers
  • DNA synthesizer
  • Fraction collectors, microfermenter and amino acid analyzers
  • Liquid scintillation counters
  • Spectrophotometers, spectrofluirimeters, NMR, GC-mass spectrometer, transmission electron microscope, ORD-CD and HPLC equipment
  • Modern animal house
  • Computer facilities
  • Library
Courses in IICB

The IICB or Indian Institute of Chemical Biology offers a wide range of courses to its research scholars. Here follows list of the courses offered by this institution:
  • Research on natural products containing medicinal, biological and industrial value and synthetic duplication of products of interest
  • Developmental research over molecular basis of pathogenicity of vibrio cholerae and development of an effective, long-acting oral vaccine for prevention of cholera infection
  • Research to innovate new approaches towards fertility control and regulation
  • To bring forth further development in the field of cellular and molecular basis of brain development
  • Further study on gastric physiology
  • Research on tissue development
  • Research on molecular mechanism of biocatalyst
  • Research on development of protein engineering facilities
  • Research on innovative immunoassay techniques
  • Research on development of biotechnologies applicable to diagnosis and chemotheraphy of visceral leishmaniasis
Contact Address of IICB

4 Raja S.C. Mullick Road,
West Bengal
700 032

Or else, you can also log on to official website of the research institution

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