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Variable Energy Cyclotron Center in Kolkata

Updated on: Feb 7, 2013
A unit of Indian Department of Atomic Energy, the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre has given the Indian scientists a chance to acquire a leading position in the field of cyclotron research and development  across the world. This is one of the most important advanced research centers of the country where research is undertaken regarding nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry. The center also produces radioisotopes, which has a number of applications.

The Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre is under the Research and Development unit of the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. The fields of study for the research programmes at the center are Computer Science and Technology, Accelerator Science and Technology, Material Science, Nuclear Science and related fields.

The main accelerator in the center is the Variable Energy Cyclotron, which was built in the early years of 1970s. This was a turnaround for the research scenario in India as it gave the scientists the boost that they required to go at par with the international scientists.

One of the projects undertaken at the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre in Kolkata is the construction of Radioactive Ion Beam Accelerators, which are extremely useful for nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics experiments.

The Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre in Kolkata, one of the important institutes in Kolkata offers research programmes for the students.


Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
Department of Atomic Energy
Government of India
1/AF, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata-700 064
Phone: +91(033) 2337-1230(4 lines)
Fax: +91 33 2334-6871 / 1110
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