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Institutes of National Importance in Kolkata

Updated on: Feb 11, 2013

Since the pre independence period, Kolkata is playing one of the most leading roles in the development of cultural, educational and intellectual scenario of India. There are several institutes in this city which are contributing to a large extent in developing the whole educational scenario of the nation. Whether it is in the field of science or humanities, institutes of national importance in Kolkata have created a separate identity of their own and earned huge global repute by establishing several landmarks in their respective field of study, research and application. Here we are providing you with names of those institutes of national importance in Kolkata:

If you go through the historical development of all these institutes of national importance in Kolkata, you will get a clear impression about the contribution of the respective institutes in the construction of whole education scenario of the nation. All these renowned educational institutes in Kolkata are completely devoted in the betterment of national education scenario. In all the fields of study, these institutes of Kolkata have created several landmarks and brightened the face of the nation in the global educational arena. Here, we have come up with sincere attempt to give you detailed information about all these institutes of national importance in Kolkata.

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