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Updated on: Feb 7, 2013

Since the post globalization period, several changes occurred in educational scenario of India and consequently it has also affected educational backdrop of Kolkata too. Kolkata always played one of the most pioneer roles in developing standard of education not only of the State of West Bengal but also for the whole nation. At one point of time critics used to say that standard of education in Kolkata was lagging behind in comparison to other metropolitan cities of India. The main reason behind such criticism was less avenues in various new disciplines of study.

But since last two decades the whole scenario has changed completely. Students, who are not willing to go for conventional studies are getting sufficient opportunity to build their career through various other disciplines. Other Avenues in Kolkata are providing you ample opportunity to build your career on foundation of your passion and likings. Other Avenues in Kolkata include air hostess training institutes, modeling institutes, fine arts institutes, language training institutes, photography institutes and several other.
Here we are providing you with sufficient details about other Avenues in Kolkata. In order to obtain all those information, click on the following Hyperlink.

The following list of colleges will help you to get a broad view of the colleges in Kolkata:

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